Made to Order Badges.

you looking for something a little different to what we offer on this site?

Being part of Thomas Fattorini Ltd - Britain's most experience badgemaker. We can make almost any badge to your specification and in quick time too. We pride ourselves on our flexibility – there's:

     No limitations with colours or logos
     No restraint with shapes - almost any shape you can imagine
     A vast range of fonts on offer for personalisation
     A huge choice of frames
     A multitude of textures and finishes
     A useful and varied selection of fittings - pin, magnet, pocket, necklet, lanyards…

We'll provide a free design service too; a great help in realising your badge requirements.   

Remember we manufacture to quality assured standards (ISO9001) - right here in our UK factories.

We can help you with any badging project imaginable, whether for a small shop or a large high street bank with 1000s of branches - just ask!

freephone 0800 018 0369 or send us an email with your logo - always happy to help.